Dominic De Gioia

Beer with an Engineer

Director, EWFW Consulting Engineers; BE (Mechanical), University of Technology Sydney

The number of new engineers is decreasing. Engineering consulting firms are becoming concerned with a ‘race to the bottom’. Wanting to address these issues by making engineers more accessible to the public, Dominic De Gioia and his wife Melanie started a podcast titled Beer with an Engineer.

Beer with an Engineer is the first podcast of its kind. Created to increase the profile of engineers in society, it helps remind engineers they have a very special and important role to play in our past, present and future.

Over the seven months the podcast has been running, Dominic De Gioia has spoken to more than 30 amazing engineers and has publicly and freely made available a valuable resource that is actively informing society about the nature of the engineering community, as well as, he hopes, encouraging future generations.

“The podcast helps remind engineers that they have a very special and important role in our past, present and future.”

Using popular, social and, most importantly, free technology, the duo is able to bring engineers into the spotlight. Every week, they release a new podcast with a global reach in which they present a different and interesting engineer.

The topics discussed with each guest include: why they became an engineer; the work they perform as an engineer; what they enjoy about engineering; a ‘hot topic’ problem in the engineering community and its possible solution; and what the future of engineering might look like based on the guest’s experience. They also ask the guest for an engineer and engineering item that inspired them.

By using the podcasting medium, the De Gioias present engineering to a global community and at no cost to their audience. Their podcast gives the engineering community a chance to reflect on the impact they have on society and inspires them to continue doing more.

It was from Dominic De Gioia’s struggles within the engineering profession that Beer with an Engineer was created. As co-host and co-founder, he brings expertise and provides research on each of the guests. He also supplies the beers.

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