Ludovic Grosjean


Principal Consultant, OceanX Group Pty Ltd,
ME (Mechatronics), ISEN, Toulon (France)

The OceanCleanX Project began four years ago to automate pollution removal in rivers and waterways.

For two years, research and trials were conducted to assess the reliability of the technology.

Then in 2016, one of its founders, Ludovic Grosjean, transformed the project into a social enterprise called OceanX Group.

The OceanCleanX solution is an innovative approach to protecting the
world’s oceans by stopping pollution at its sources.

To make it work, Grosjean trained a machine using millions of pictures
of pollution from every possible angle, classified from the cleanest to the dirtiest rivers in the world.

Anyone with access to the internet can help by collecting images of pollution and taking local action.

Grosjean’s project helps the global community to make a difference.

Anyone with access to the internet can help by collecting images of pollution and taking local action, combining the power of social media and artificial intelligence.

In stopping pollution, the project also aims to combat a major threat to
human health.

Grosjean now aims to use his innovation to save more oceans.

At 30 years old, Grosjean has already attracted significant media attention.

He was nominated to receive one of six Young Innovators Awards at the
United Nations in November 2018.

He presented his innovation in front of leaders and United Nations
Environment Programme Officials.

Since the establishment of OceanX Group in 2016, Grosjean and his team have successfully attracted a large number of volunteers to the project.

They expect to double the number of people joining the organisation in
the next 12 months. With the increased numbers, Grosjean expects to roll out solutions across Australia before proposing solutions worldwide.

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