Philip Davies


Director, GeoReports; BE (Civil), Imperial College, London

GeoReports is a startup digital engineering platform founded by Philip Davies that provides site-specific subsurface information covering Australia.

Historically, millions of boreholes and sampling points have been drilled across Australia, but few are available for re-use in future projects. unlocks this high-value industry dataset so that users can find and download data and reports anywhere.

This lowers investigation costs and significantly reduces construction risk, costs and delays.

“Millions of boreholes and sampling points have been drilled across Australia, but few are available for re-use in future projects.”

Philip Davies

Combining integrated web-mapping, geographic information systems, e-commerce and database components into one service, the platform uses a growing database of licensed information to provide insights including soil, rock and groundwater conditions and potential contamination risks.

A web map allows data users and providers to exchange data or leverage private datasets. By providing low-cost underground information, the platform: lowers investigation costs; reduces risk, cost or delay due to unforeseen ground conditions; and saves money on planning, design and construction.

While comparable platforms exist internationally and use similar technologies to serve geo-environmental data and reporting services, none allow incentivised sharing or customised tools to manage private datasets. GeoReports combines these features within an innovative and customisable platform for the local market.

As a bronze certified member of the Open Data Institute, GeoReports uses best-practice open data frameworks to deliver high-quality data governance. This, in conjunction with industry-leading ESRI mapping and tools, unlocks significant value from under-used client data.

The service has successfully secured a second tranche of government startup funding and is negotiating to undertake data processing and customised platforms for several clients.

To date, Davies has secured government startup funding, successfully delivered a minimum viable product, and was announced a winner of the 2019 Beaton-AFR Client-Choice Awards in the Startup category.

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